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秧苗固樁釘 Crop Protector

Concept Design

Co-Teaching 蔡慧燕/張弦斟 專家

Crop Protector 是可防止秧苗受福壽螺侵害與避免傾倒,及提供養分的秧苗固樁釘。外殼以稻稈纖維製成,可穩固秧苗基底,防止強風時傾倒;頂部則添加米糠與苦茶粕混合製成,可降低福壽螺的侵害,以利秧苗初期的生長。而自於農業廢棄物的稻稈、米糠及苦茶粕富含大量的營養物質,分解於土壤中可做為有機肥幫助秧苗生長,進而達到友善的循環種植。Crop Protecto可單獨作為手工插秧與拋秧使用,也連結成盤狀形式用於機械插秧上,提供各地區的差異化種植需求。
Crop Protector is a seedling's stake to prevent being damaged by Pomacea Canaliculata and wind damaged. The shell is made from straw fiber, which can stabilize the root and prevent dumping in a strong wind, the top is made by rice husk and tea seed meal which can drive away from the Pomacea Canaliculata. These three materials from agricultural waste are rich in nutrients, can decompose in the soil, and become nutrients to help crops grow to achieve friendly planting.


2021 MUSE Design Awards_Silver Award
2020 International Design Excellence Awards_Silver Award
2020 London International Creative Competition(LICC)_Winner
2020 Green Product Award_Winner
iF Design Talent Award2020_1_Winner
2020 DNA Paris Design Awards_Winner
2020 Core77 Design Awards_Runner Up
Red Dot Award:Brands & Communication Design_Red Dot
2020 Indigo Design Awards_Bronze Award
2020 International Busan Design Award_IBDA Idea
2020-2021International Design Awards (IDA)_Bronze Award
Design Intelligence Award (DIA中國設計智造大獎)_Honorable Mention
2020 天府寶島工業設計大賽_銀獎

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