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珊瑚吐泡機 Coral Foaming Machine

Concept Design

The wind drives the pump which sends the air into the CFM in bottom of sea. With the air flowing, it can bring the seawater into the Honeycomb AC then it will absorb impurities and generate micro bubbles. The bubbles will flow up and carry the thermal energy which in the bottom of sea. Finally, the wind that from the wind turbine will blow those bubbles off, in order to reduce the temperature of seawater. The part of CFM is calcareous ooze, which benefits the growth of the coral polyp and algae.


2020 LEXUS Design Award_入圍
2020 泰達杯青年創意設計大賽_銀獎
2020 金點概念獎_入圍
2020 美國建築大師獎The Architecture Master Prize_Winner
2020 紅點設計概念_入圍
2019 Asia Design Prize_入圍
2019 康寧創星家_優選

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