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智能顯示多功能交通錐 Rolling Cones

Concept Design

Rolling Cones是款具有軟性電子紙可改變顯示訊息的多功能交通錐;可被大量搬運,以推壓方式展開後底部的鏤空骨架可降低風阻,成為支撐腳以利站立於不平坦的路面;底部鏤空處可增加重物作為中長期施工使用。將軟性電子紙顯示幕拉伸接到下個Rolling Cones上,形成警示圍籬,或將電子紙顯示幕包覆自身使用,搭配手機APP可將所選取或輸入的資訊傳輸至具有軟性導光板的電子紙顯示幕上,強化夜間的明視度。
Rolling Cones is a soft e-paper display screen that can be transported in large quantities. After being pushed in a push-up manner, the traffic cone skeleton-cutout can reduce the wind resistance and become a support foot to stand on an uneven road surface; the bottom cutout can add heavy objects as a medium-term and long-term construction. It can also stretch the soft e-paper display into the next one to form a warning fence or wrap the e-paper display on itself to enhance the warning effect.


2020 放視大賞_新銳大賞
2020 Indigo Design Award_Gold Award
2020 International Design Awards (IDA)_Silver Award
2019 金屬創新應用競賽_佳作

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