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智能家庭桌罩 Tho-tàu

Concept Design

Co-Teaching 張憲平 老師

Toh-Tau is a table cover that keeps and cools delicious dishes. The cold chip is used to heat or cool the internal air, and UV light is sterilized while inhaling the air to avoid dish corruption and breeding bacteria. The shell adopts double-layer glass clamped inert gas, which can effectively achieve the effect of keeping cold and keeping warm.
Tob-Tau can keep cooked dishes or keep warm dishes for late family members while cooking. It can also keep cold dishes and cool down hot dishes that need to be placed in the refrigerator. Toh-Tau can be used as a restaurant hanging at ordinary times, and can be charged at the same time when hanging, ensuring that it can provide cold insulation function at any time.


2020 鐙烜獎燈具設計競賽_佳作
2020 第三屆國產木竹材設計競賽_優選
2020 金點新秀設計獎_贊助特別獎

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