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智慧化雪上貨物運輸載具 Snow Snow

Concept Design

Snow Snow是輛智慧化雪上貨物運輸載具,能進行雪中貨物運輸,用戶只需透過手機APP進行販售與購買物品,Snow Snow便將進行派遣,協助用戶完成貨物運送。Snow Snow透過AI分析了解每位買家的訂購習慣,讓賣家能在短時間內將所需貨物配送至店家進行販賣或直接配送給終端買家。Snow Snow本體能單獨進行小物件的快遞運輸需求,搭配連結後方的雪橇車,可運輸較大量的貨物。Snow Snow減少了雪橇犬的運輸量及雪地車禍造成外送人才傷亡,保障動物及人員的安全。
It is an intelligent transport vehicle that can transport goods in the snow. Users only need to sell and buy items through the phone app. It’ll be dispatched to assist users with the delivery of the goods. Snow Snow understands each buyer's buying habits through AI analysis, allowing sellers to deliver the required goods to the store for sale or direct delivery to the end-buyer in a short period of time. Snow Snow can carry out the express of small objects alone, with the sled behind the link.


2020 國際用戶體驗創新大賽(UXD Award_入圍
2020 第八屆「贏在南京」青年大學生創業大賽_入圍
2020 首屆「海絲杯」海峽兩岸(泉州)工業設計大賽_入圍

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